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Men's Aesthetics: Thread Lifts Instead of Dead Lifts

Aesthetics is not just for women. Now, men are also seeking thread lifts to enhance their masculine features. Here's how men can benefit from this treatment.

No doubt that trends in aesthetics have changed, especially amongst men that have largely been overlooked in this arena up until recent years. Although more common amongst women – seeking to look younger by reducing wrinkles and increasing the luminosity the skin – the men have a different set of considerations, mostly turning to aesthetics to enhance specific features such as the jaw line and chin. These areas are stubborn spots to tackle as it tends to sag and lose symmetry with age, and certainly no amount of dead lifting at the gym could help this facial muscle shape up like the triceps.

In this article, Dr Siew Tuck Wah – Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics Singapore and certified physician in thread lift treatments – gives us the lowdown on the biological differences between men and women's aesthetic needs, and what treatment suits male clients better to help them tweak and regain their masculine features.

What are the main aesthetic concerns amongst Singaporean men and what is the recommended treatment?

“From my experience, men tend to focus on maintaining their masculine features without changing their dynamic facial features too much,” says Dr Siew. “During consultations, men tend to express different concerns of their facial appearance in comparison to women that usually tend to opt for volumising and skin plumping treatments to ensure their skin stays soft and supple with minimal aging lines,” he added. “Men on the other hand, mainly seek treatment to look less tired and more astute.”

According to Dr Siew, some of the most commonly requested treatment areas for men are tear troughs, a sharper jawline, and a more prominent chin. Men are also in favour of minimising their downtime post treatment which lends well to non-invasive treatments.

With this in mind, Dr Siew advises that men look into one increasingly popular and FDA approved procedure – the Thread Lift. Made of 82% Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and 18% glycolide polymer (PLGA), this treatment gives both men and women the option to lift sagging skin, as well as reposition and recontour the face in areas such as the cheeks, jowls and neck, without having to go under the knife. No heavy-lifting or exertion of energy required!

Thread lifts involve the placement of fine, dissolvable threads under the tissues of the face to mechanically lift up the saggy tissues for immediate results. Tiny cones on the threads also anchor these tissue that have been lifted up for additional stability and longer lasting results. These threads have the additional benefit of stimulating the tissues to form their own collagen so the results of a thread lift treatment will continue to improve over months as the threads gradually dissolve. It is a treatment that has no downtime and patients will see improvements in the nasolabial folds, jowl lines and jawline definition.

To summarise, these are the main benefits of the thread lift treatment offered at Radium Medical Aesthetics:

  • Immediate lifting effect
  • More defined facial contours and features
  • Lifted cheeks, making the face look fuller with lost volume restored
  • Progressive restoration of your body’s own lost collagen
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Natural looking effect

What are the realistic expectations of this treatment and what else should be considered?

Although there may be instant improvements after the very first treatment, Dr Siew explains that this immediate effect may only last up to 2 weeks before the threads dissolve and the true results can be seen. “Many times patients see before and after photos online and come for the treatment with unrealistic expectations,” he said. “The truth is; thread lifts are a subtle non-invasive treatment option that showcases the actual results over months after the initial treatment.” He goes on to explain that he sometimes recommends combination treatments together with thread lifts to clients depending on what they ultimately want to achieve.

There are other alternatives to the thread lifts which could possibly work better for men seeking to improve their jawline and chin areas. For example, dermal fillers and biostimulation techniques that tighten the skin, may be other options to consider.

Dr Siew says his aim is to first understand the aesthetic goals of his client and then give them all the options together with the pros and cons, so they can make a more informed decision. Other factors like budget and lifestyle are also crucial in this process, and he is ready to offer his advice in these aspect as well.

“Thread lifts are a non-invasive treatment with relatively quick results but it does not last forever. A yearly visit for maintenance treatment is required, so I take the time to explain this to my clients to build the foundations of a good doctor-client relationship,” he adds.

Think of it this way, you don’t go to the gym for a week to get those toned muscles do you? Some good things take time and repetition – the more you lift that dumbbell, the more confident you’re going to be!


So, if you’re still deciding on whether this is the solution to maintain your chiseled jaw and defined chin, get in touch with Dr Siew for a one-to-one consultation and get all your burning questions answered. You could also learn more about the thread lift treatment offered at Radium Medical Aesthetics on their official website, or any other treatment that may suit your aesthetic goals.

Who said aesthetic treatments are only for women? Check out other treatments and services offered at Radium Medical Aesthetics that are suitable for both men and women, depending on your aesthetic goals.


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