What is The Divine Proportion of the Golden Ratio and How to Achieve It? 

What defines beauty in aesthetics? Lifted cheeks, pouty lips or a symmetrical jawline? All the above. And there's an age-old calculation that determines this to make it achievable!

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Did you know that there’s a mathematical calculation known as the golden ratio that determines our perception of facial beauty? Dating back 2,500 years ago, this science was discovered by the ancient Greeks and was deemed to be the divine proportion that is appealing to the human eye.

Yes, beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder, but science has discovered that subconsciously we judge beauty by facial symmetry as well as proportion and we certainly can’t deny this universal truth.

Used by the great Renaissance artists in their sculpting and paintings, now the golden ratio proportion of 1:1.618 has been adopted as guidelines in the aesthetics industry and applied to achieve the same perfection in facial beauty.

Cross-cultural research conducted by ResearchGate titled, ‘The Golden Ratio in Facial Symmetry,’ has shown that all around the world, perception of beauty is based on the divine proportion, no matter the ethnicity or age of the person. As an example, the ideal ratio of the top of the head to the chin versus the width of the head should be 1:1.618.

In modern aesthetics, this ratio is used to mark out the ideal proportions on a patient’s face and aesthetic enhancements follow these calculations to achieve optimal results.

To gain better understanding of the golden ratio and how to achieve it without going under the surgical knife, we spoke to Dr Chua Cheng Yu of Veritas Medical Aesthetics in Singapore. A strong advocate of the art of aesthetics based on scientific research and solid clinical evidence, Dr Chua firmly believes that having a holistic understanding and approach in these fields is the only way to achieve desired outcomes from treatments offered at the clinic.

How is the golden ratio applied in aesthetics to measure ideal facial proportions?

If you’re an older woman, you would have definitely noticed the change to the proportions of your face as you age. Certain facial measurements, such as the distance between the mouth and nose, and the width of the mouth and nose tend to expand with age, due to sagging of the skin. In addition, puffy eyes, sunken cheekbones and sagging jawlines are all factors that alter the golden ratio of our faces over time.

Other aesthetic calculations based on the rule of the golden ration are:

the distance from the tip of the nose to the center of the lips should be 1.618 times the distance from the center of the lips to the chin

• the hairline to the upper eyelid should be 1.618 times the length of the top of the upper eyebrow to the lower eyelid.

• the ideal ratio of upper to lower lip volume is 1:1.6 (meaning the lower lip should have slightly more volume than the upper lip)

“The aging process does not always follow the rules of beauty and the need for an artistic eye is important to give patients a naturally beautiful look rather than completely changing their appearance. Our first priority is to find out exactly what look our patients want to achieve during an in-depth consultation before the treatment,” says Dr Chua.

“With scientific and medical advancement within the aesthetic industry, we now have the ability and know-how to regain natural youthful beauty and proportional appearance through safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatments,” he adds.

What is the recommended non-invasive treatment to enhance and restore facial proportions?

The sagging and sinking of your facial contour is largely due to loss of fat and collagen in these areas as you age. A sunken forehead, sunken temples and sunken cheeks can change your appearance drastically, making you look more masculine or simply gaunt and tired. So, how can you regain the divine proportion of your face by targeting these areas?

Dr Chua recommends facial fillers. “This revolutionary invention has provided an immediate solution with minimal downtime and when placed in the correct layers, the results from these non-invasive injections can be long lasting,” he affirms.

When correctly administered by a trained physician, facial fillers can provide a gentle face lift to overall features. Fillers are both an intricate science and art that involve:

  1. Detailed surgical anatomy understanding of various techniques (sharp needles or blunt cannulas) and various materials to shape the face at each different layer of the face (which is why a mix of different filler types is sometimes required)
  2. A keen aesthetic eye to properly balance facial proportions and not just blindly filling a certain area

Facial fillers now have semi-permanent options like the Collagen Stimulator offered at Veritas Medical Aesthetics. These are fantastic options for those who are already familiar with what results they can get from normal hyaluronic acid fillers. It is also a more cost effective and time saving option.

Other benefits of the non-invasive facial fillers used at the clinic include:

  • Induced natural collagen production
  • Fast treatment of about 30 minutes per session
  • Immediate and long-lasting results that last from 18 months to 3 years
  • CE approved (approved health and safety profile for use across the EU)


So, if you feel your face has lost its youthful proportions and you want to improve your sagging skin, this could be the treatment for you! You can choose to enhance the lift of your cheekbones and jawline, add symmetry to the chin, restore the volume and add proportion to the eye area, or even raise the eyebrows if that’s what you’re after.

Book an appointment with Dr Chua for an in-depth consultation and he will advise you on the best filler options to regain your divine proportion. With an artistic-aesthetic approach, you can maintain that youthful golden ratio, even though you’re a golden gal!

Feel like your face is out of proportion? Or is your skin starting to give in to the law of gravity? Read more about facial fillers offered at Veritas Medical Aesthetics on their official website before heading to the clinic for a one-to-one consultation.