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The Deal with Face Peels: Your Ultimate Exfoliation Guide

Have you heard of a multi-perfecting face peel? Well, now there’s an advanced chemical peel available in Singapore with multiple benefits. Read on to find out how you can exfoliate more effectively!

Face peels are a much needed luxury that you should definitely splurge on! A professional facial does not only remove the layer of dead skin cells on your face, it has many added benefits too! Effective in treating a range of skin conditions, the treated skin will also be noticeably brighter, resulting in a more youthful complexion with less visible pigmentation.

According to Dr Siew Tuck Wah of Radium Medical Aesthetics in Singapore, the non-invasive chemical peel treatment offered at the clinic is best suited for people with sun-damaged skin, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and fine lines on the skin. It can also be used to treat some superficial acne scarring.

Curious to know more? Well we’ve put together this ultimate exfoliation guide to help you understand the best deal available in town!

What is a chemical peel and why should I get one?

A chemical peel basically involves the application of a thin layer of a specially-formulated chemical solution to the surface of your skin to induce cell death. It damages the superficial layer of the skin, exposing the softer, newer skin under the layer of dead skin.

Put off by the word ‘chemical?’ We don’t blame you. Chemicals are certainly the last thing you’d want to put onto your facial skin, and that’s why it’s important to consult with a certified physician if you’re thinking of getting one.

At Radium Medical Aesthetics, a patented technology is used for the treatment, to ensure that the surface of your skin does not get badly damaged. An advanced facial skin peel which applies the latest skincare technologies and organic acids is administered, unlike traditional chemical peels. In other words, they use a range of facial skin peels that ‘remodel’ your skin rather than literally ‘peel’ it. This means you see maximum results without the excessive surface trauma of peeling and exfoliation.

To help you understand which skin peels may be suitable for your skin, we made a simple list of the various peels available at the clinic and what conditions it treats. During your consultation, Dr Siew will assess your skin type and condition before deciding which peel will provide you with the best results.

The Peel

What it treats

Salicylic Acid

Best for acne prone skin.

Jessners peel (Salicylic and Lactic Acid)

Used to reduce hyperpigmentation, and treat the common signs of aging as well as sun damage.

TCA Peel

This relatively strong peel is used to reduce hyperpigmentation, the signs of aging and acne scarring.

Eye & Lip Peel

A specialist skin peel to target lines, wrinkles, dark circles and smokers’ lines around the eye and lip area.

What is the course of the treatment and how long will the results last?

Depending on the severity of your skin issue, Dr Siew recommends a course of 3-4 sessions to treat most conditions. A recovery time of about 2 weeks should be observed in between each session to allow the skin to rest, and to ensure that your skin fully benefits from the treatment.

The treatment usually takes about 30 minutes with minimal downtime, and you will be advised on the best aftercare routine to practice to ensure there’s no swelling or prolonged redness. If you follow this routine, the effects of the treatment should be ongoing and enhanced after every session.


At Radium Medical Aesthetics, all facial peel treatments are prescribed specifically for you, so you can be sure that you will get the results you’re after. Besides aging skin, if you have sun-damaged skin, uneven skin pigmentation, or severely clogged skin, we propose that you book a consultation with Dr Siew to assess the issue. The advanced face peel treatment offered at the clinic may be the solution (no pun intended…) you’ve been looking for!

Have you been looking for an anti-aging, skin enhancing treatment that does not involve injections and has minimal downtime? Look no further! Read more about the non-invasive facial peel treatment offered at Radium Medical Aesthetics and book an appointment to meet with our expert physician. We’re sure you won’t regret it!


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