Beauty tips: How to look flawless with natural makeup

Aesthetics is not just about treatments but a philosophy of having flawless skin over time. Here are our easy to follow beauty tips to look your best naturally.

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There’s no doubt that having skin that's free of pimples, redness, and dark spots can improve your confidence with just natural makeup on. So what’s the secret? Read on to find out what you can do immediately to get yourself on track as well as our expert’s advise on what could help you in the long run.

Practise these basic beauty tips daily and glow with just natural makeup on.

Wash Your Face Right

Starting and ending your day with this simple routine is crucial to achieve that flawless skin you’re vying for. Experts usually say less is more in this aspect, but what does that really mean? It should be as simple as throwing water on your face and wiping it off, yes? Well, although that is the basis of the process, there are some rules you should follow to ensure that you do not damage your skin further.

Firstly, it is recommended that you use warm water when washing the face as cold water doesn’t open up the pores to remove the dirt, whereas water that is too hot can strip your facial skin of its natural oils.

Another important practice is to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. There are cleansers that suit oily, dry or combination skin that does not clog pores. Choosing a cleanser that is not right for you can be more damaging than helpful to your skin over time.

Finally, practice cleansing your face by applying gentle force in a circular motion and rinse off well before dabbing dry with a towel. Do not wipe your face with rough swipes as this could flare up the skin. If you have make-up on, use make-up remover before starting your face wash routine.

Quick Beauty Tips: Wash your face with the right water temperature and the right product, for better facial skin health.

“If you wash your face excessively or with a cleanser that is not suitable for you, your skin will lose its natural oils, which can cause skin dryness and irritation. This will also accelerate skin aging in the long run.” says Dr. Wong Kee Seng, founder and Medical Director of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic.

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Use Moisturiser and Sun Protection

Whether you have naturally dry or oily skin, don’t skip putting on moisturiser. Skin that dries out will slow down healing and speed up aging. Choose a good moisturiser that hydrates and ‘locks in’ moisture of your facial skin well, that also lasts the whole day.

The right day and night moisturising creams or gels can make your skin look radiant and polished. So, you really don’t have to put on too much makeup to achieve that glow!

On top of that, whether or not you stay indoors or outdoors most of the day, applying sunscreen with SPF of 30 or 50 is essential in Singapore. Choose a good sunscreen which doesn’t make your face look oily or leave you with an uneven skin tone. It is also important to re-apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours (even if you are mostly indoors), for better UV protection.

Quick Beauty Tips: A good moisturiser not only hydrates the face but gives you the radiance and suppleness of youthful skin. Sunscreen on the other hand, is important to protect you from unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

According to Dr Wong, if you suffer from dry skin or pigmentation, it’s best to make an appointment to see an aesthetic physician or dermatologist. A professional doctor can examine your skin and guide you in using the right products or in performing the right treatments. Early management of skin issues often gives better results.

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Practise a Healthy Lifestyle

Besides updating your daily beauty regime, it’s also important that you practise drinking lots of water, adopt a healthy diet and get adequate sleep to ensure that your skin stays soft and supple.

Avoid sugary drinks and opt for green or herbal teas that are rich in antioxidants instead. Eat more fruits and vegetables to help your cells replenish and get at least 8 hours of sleep daily to avoid dark eye circles. Good quality sleep is crucial as that is when your cells undergo the repair and recovery process.

Quick Beauty Tips: Avoid too much caffeine and sugar in your daily diet, as well as fried and spicy foods. Good sleep and regular exercise can also help boost the radiance of your skin.

“Practise these healthy habits daily and you are sure to see a difference. The most effective ways to stay healthy with youthful skin often doesn’t cost you much. It merely involves good sleep, healthy foods, adequate hydration and exercise.” adds Dr Wong.

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If you're looking for more ways to get smooth skin, here's our biggest secret!

On top of these skincare beauty tips, Dr Wong from Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic highly recommends The Secret RF treatment, if you wish to get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, pores, acne scars, eyebags, jowl fat or that dreadful double chin.

Secret RF uses fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered through microneedles to reach the deeper layers of the skin, targeting different concern areas. This energy is used to carefully heat the skin dermis which stimulates collagen & elastin synthesis. This subsequently rebuilds and strengthens the skin’s support system, which helps smoothen acne scars, shrink pores and reduce visible eyebags. On top of that, Secret RF allows you to achieve natural flawless skin with less downtime.

For more information on the Secret RF treatment, you may visit this link. Or check out the clinic’s skin care products here.

You can also get in touch with Dr Wong for a personal consultation by booking an appointment via Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic official website.

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